Thursday, August 30, 2007

Taerith updated: Chapter Twenty-Four

The current WIP slogs along :). For those who don't know, Taerith is my contribution to the The Romany Epistles, a nine-author fantasy project. In simpler terms, it's the story of a banished young man with the heart of a true hero and the family of outcasts he takes under his wings.

I do love the story, and I love the characters, but writing is hard work at the moment! I feel like I'm fighting for every sentence, and then I don't like them when they're written. Ach weel. On we go.

The chapter is here, along with links to the rest of the book. Comments are always welcome.


If you noticed the silence around here, be it known that I was away for three weeks. Ottawa, Toronto, Fort Erie. I love this country. I'm home now.


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