Thursday, August 02, 2007

congratulations to us

Fellowship With Jesus: A 365 Day Devotional by Kris Thayer won a bronze Ippy Award (that's Independent Publishers award) in the Inspirational/Spiritual category this year. I couldn't be more thrilled, as I helped develop and edit the book, as well as writing the follow-up questions after each devotional.

The press release had this to say:

"In her new book, Fellowship with Jesus: A 365 Day Devotional, author Kris Thayer lays out a daily how-to for asking Him into our hearts and confessing our sin.

"The gorgeous, easy-to-read devotional touches on topics ranging from healing, Satan, the purpose of God, living graciously, and the power of prayer. Each devotional follows with a “Ponder, Pray, and Pursue” section that has meaningful, pointed questions to help reflect on our purpose in God’s world.

"Originally a journal that paraphrased her pastor’s scripturally-based sermons, Thayer has collected a veritable treasure trove of spiritual wisdom gleaned from the visionary missionary, the Apostle Paul."

Congratulations, Kris, and all the other Ippy winners this year.

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