Monday, May 12, 2008

The epic begins. All over again.

With the teaching semester behind me, I am really and truly settling in for this summer's work. Chief on my list of projects? Seriously revise Burning Light, the sequel to Worlds Unseen. I want it ready for release in December.

A little history: I wrote Worlds Unseen in 2001. Almost immediately thereafter, I sat down and banged out Burning Light. It took maybe three months. It was a milestone for me: the best thing I'd written to date and my favourite.

I liked it so much that I never really wrote a proper second draft. So while Worlds went through four incarnations before it saw print, Burning Light has never really changed. The time has come.

Over the past few months I've outlined each chapter in Burning Light, summarizing every scene and marking places where changes should be made. I've flagged all the major plot lines that need work. I've made lists (and checked 'em twice).

And what am I doing now? Blogging, obviously. The adventure is about to begin, if only the author will quit procrastinating.

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