Monday, April 21, 2008

we have contact

I have now been home for officially one week. The two and a half weeks prior to that, I was in the Niagara Falls region with my cousin and Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled co-author, Carolyn Currey (and her wonderful family). Carolyn and I went for long walks, rambled around the woods as they came slowly to April life, made plans for our Christmas dance tour, and did hours and hours and hours' worth of author stuff.

No, we didn't write. We emailed.

Marketing is not my favourite part of being a writer! However, I am pleased to say that in two and a half weeks, Carolyn and I managed to contact local, state, and provincial homeschool support groups in all ten Canadian provinces and all fifty U.S. states. The point of all this emailing was to let people know about our Family Fun Story Contest and our upcoming book.

We've made a lot of great contacts who have passed the information out to hundreds of families. It was a lot of work, and not very fun except when we amused ourselves by comparing support group acronyms, but I'm amazed by the internet and very grateful to all the folks who are helping us spread the word.



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