Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Do You Have Time for Homeschooling?

The 63rd Carnival of Homeschooling, hosted this time by Henry and Janine Cate, is up! The theme is "Do You Have Time for Homeschooling?"

For those unfamiliar with the carnival, is a regular compendium of blog posts by homeschoolers, hosted on various blogs, and a great way to get to know some unusual families and great writers. This week's carnival includes practical tips on everything from writing to traveling with an eye for education, articles on recent news events, and more. Go check it out.

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Blogger Alastair said...

This is nothing to do with homeschooling, it's not something that is very widespread in the UK! But looking back over my comments on the New Kid on the Blog I realised I'd never followed up your positive comment on my 'Lord's prayer' post - so thank you. Followed up the link you left and enjoyed reading the chapter excerpts from your book on the Lord's prayer too.

Interestingly, the UK education system is very very good, I believe, and well supported by government. My local primary school (5-11 year olds) is a Church school, which means that whilst entirely funded by the state, the Church has a huge amount of contact with and positive influence on the life of the school.

It's still compulsory to have a daily act of Collective Worship in the school, and to include Religious Studies teaching. I also get to take part in Collective Worship every week in my local 'Community' (ie not Church foundation) school too. We are very blessed here, what a privilege and an opportunity.

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