Tuesday, February 06, 2007

my publishing life in links

I sent out another pre-release email for Letters to a Samuel Generation today. Got the introduction written last week. This week it's final editing/proofreading, then I'll pass it along to my whiz kid sister for formatting, get all of the information registered in official places, and gear up for honest-to-goodness publication in March. Who says publishing has to be slow? ;)

In all honesty, most books cannot be published anything close to this quickly, especially if they're going to be successful. It doesn't matter much for this book for a few unique reasons.

On another plain, my fellow Romany author Libby Russell just finished a freehand sketch of Lilia, one of the main characters in Taerith. She's beautiful and I'll make sure you all get to see her as soon as Libby's finished making artistically obsessive alterations. Libby's also doing sketches for me to illustrate the eBook version of Worlds Unseen (sorry, no link yet) which I plan to come out with (FREE!) this summer. I'm very grateful for all the work she's putting into it, because she's got a lot of talent and she's not charging me anything. Yet.

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Blogger Libby Russell said...

I make "artistically obsessive alterations" and you make artistically adept alliterations. ;-)

Thanks for the mention! it's motivational. :-D


2:00 p.m.  

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