Sunday, January 14, 2007


I am a Canadian...

A homeschool graduate...

An anti-abortion activist, as much as one can be called that who just stands out in the cold with a sign every weekend and prays a lot...

A writer, editor, publisher, coach, and critiquer...

A Scrabble player, poetry reader, lover of tea, ranter of rants.

I am a Christian. Before tea, writing, and homeschooling, I represent Christ and His Kingdom. Nothing, absolutely nothing, comes before that. No identity is mine except it is mine in Christ.

Therefore, in all that I do, Jesus Christ and His concerns must be the cornerstone. Not national identity. Not political affiliation. Certainly not fear ("The Muslim is mandated to slay the infidels," said a local pastor in an interview with the Windsor Star. "Islam is committed to the domination and destruction of the West. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. . . Frankly, we are frightened to death. We are concerned about the Islamic threat to Canadian security").

Jesus sent His beloved disciples out to die, in the same breath promising them that not a hair of their heads would be harmed. In the end, resurrection overcomes death in all its grisly guises. We are not to fear.

There are threats in this world. To what extent do we, as Christians, have the right to confront those threats on a nationalistic/political/cultural/purely flesh-centric level?

To what extent is it our responsibility to put aside all worldly things and speak solely and strongly as representatives of the One King?

We do have to live in this world. Where's the balance?

I welcome your thoughts.



Blogger aaronrock said...

I think you're right on. No one is denying that there is a problem with certain sects of Islam. But then again, there are major issues among those who claim Jesus as Lord. The issue for me is do we become militant Christians in order win militant Muslims? I have a new post on mny blog where I say more about this issue.

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