Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Going to see Eragon tonight! Yes, I read the reviews. Yes, I know how bad it's supposed to be. I feel a little sorry for Christopher Paolini, but hey... if I wrote a bestselling novel and it was made into a rotten movie, I'd still be able to walk around telling myself, "I wrote a bestselling novel." From all accounts the young man has a fabulous career ahead of him. Just because Hollywood can't make a decent fantasy movie doesn't change that.

Initially I hoped that going to see this would give me a shot-in-the-arm for my own fantasy project, The Seventh World Trilogy, the first installment of which I'll be releasing as an eBook sometime early next year. The reviews have almost but not quite quelled that hope: I like overdone, melodramatic stories and themes. I liked Dragonheart, for Pete's sake.


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