Thursday, November 16, 2006

Yippee! (or, Who Knew a Bad Query Could Cause Me So Much Joy?)

I winned! I mean, I won! The editor of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine ran a fun contest which I entered. Check it out to see the most hilariously horrible example of how NOT to write a query letter that I have ever seen.

On another note, I finished uploading a few more devotional articles to today. When I originally wrote them they were sent out to a private email list of subscribers worldwide. Those were the good ol' days :). Since then many of them have been reprinted in Home School Digest and An Encouraging Word. Anyway, I'm hoping to get the whole collection up on my Web site over the next few days so you can ALL read them.

And since this post is mostly about contests, I entered an excerpt from my novel Worlds Unseen in a contest run by my friend Inky. I won "Best Suspense." Thanks everybody who voted!


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