Sunday, November 05, 2006

Church as a Community of Disciples

"I just returned from Vietnam where the church is exploding. What I saw on this trip, and have seen on past trips, is a church growing. It's not because of Western involvement, or any other that I could detect, but from unique stories of how individuals came to faith in Christ through unexpected ways, and then wound up leading friends to faith in Christ.

"That led them to starting groups to pray and worship and reach out. I've yet to meet one who deliberately started out to start a church. It just happened because they were leading their friends to faith in Christ--just like Acts 11. Church wasn't something they intentionally started to reach all these lost seekers. It was community that developed and emerged from relationships that grew due to their following Christ together."

-- Dr. Bob Roberts, Jr., founder of NorthWood Church in Texas, on why Asian churches move while we plan movements and often fail to see them. Check out the full article on (You may need to register to read some of the article... it's free and worth it.)

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