Monday, June 12, 2006

Anemia Meets Its Match in a Brown Bottle

I saw a picture recently of a young woman asleep over her ironing board. I can relate! Until recently I was one of those people who was perpetually tuckered out. As I dragged myself off to bed one night I thought, "I wish I could sleep forever." I could hardly stand to think about getting up in the morning.

Then I realized that something was ridiculous about the situation. I am a healthy twenty-three year old with a lifestyle that is only mildly stressful. I was eating reasonably and sleeping more than eight hours a night.

I asked a wise aunt if she thought I might be anemic. She said "yep" (well, that's sort of what she said) and prescribed an all-natural remedy. I started taking it, and three days later, "BOING!" I have life again!

What made the difference? This stuff:

Floradix. It's a liquid iron supplement. It doesn't cause any of the nastiness that iron tablets tend to bring, and it's amazing how much better I feel since I've been taking it. It tastes like mildly rotten fruit, which may have something to do with the other ingredients they put in there... a lot of fruits, roots, seeds, and other stuff like that. There are no preservatives, so it starts to ferment after a month or two, but if you take the recommended dose that won't be a problem.

Just thought I'd let the blog world know about one of the most specific answers to pray God has brought into my life lately.


Blogger C. H. Green said...

Wonder if it's available in the States?

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