Friday, April 07, 2006

Guttersnipes for Life: The New Wave of Abortion Protesting

Alexis and I, intrepid protesters, couldn't go on Wednesday morning as is our usual wont because Alexis was sick. Hence, we decided to go today. I awoke this morning to the not-so gentle sound of rain on a nearby tin roof, and when Alexis did not show up when she said she was going to, I went back to bed.

Ten minutes later there she was, pounding on my door. I trudged downstairs again, opened the door, and greeted her as any true friend would. "Are you looney?"

She is. So am I. We went protesting. What's a little rain? Actually, it was very warm and the rain let up a little for us. Mind you, we got wet. We got VERY wet. You see, it wasn't raining very hard, but we had to contend with the tidal waves. We had slogged halfway down the sidewalk with our signs held high when a car zoomed past us, causing all the contents of the gutter to rise alarmingly and slosh down over our heads.

We laughed. What else should we do?

(This is sort of how we looked... only there were two of us... and we didn't have umbrellas, just signs, which aren't much good for keeping the rain/gutter water off... also, we aren't in Japan. But I love the picture!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Scott A. Edwards said...

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Blogger Sandra Bennett said...

Lovely photo. God's blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands. You're in my prayers.


10:04 p.m.  

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