Monday, March 13, 2006

it's going to be a full day

I just made my to-do list for today, and yup, I'm going to be busy. A sample edit to do, an article to polish, a book to work on, lessons to prepare, research to research... wish me well :).

Last night I spent a while talking to the Lord about the state of my heart. My epiphany at New Song the other night has got me thinking... where else am I missing fellowship with Him because I fail to recognize and serve Him in every mundane thing I do? "Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily as unto the Lord." I mean, really do it for the Lord! What if I loved Jesus in every interaction, in every word I type and edit and read and speak, in every sink I clean, in every prayer I pray? What if I could find His presence everywhere and pour my love out on Him?

Alas, my heart's such a lump of coal, when I want it to be a diamond. Even as I prayed over those things last night, I knew that halfway through my workday they wouldn't seem so important anymore. In the distractions of life it would be enough for me that Jesus delivered me once long ago, and I would lose the hunger to walk with Him NOW... for a while.

I'm awed by His determination. His dogged perseverance. He came to Earth and lived every day, through the muck and muddle of life, without losing sight of His goal. He loved us to the end. He poured out His love for us in every minute of His life. And now, even as I sorrow over this cold heart of mine, He is keeping me by the power of God unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. The salvation of being like Him. The salvation of loving as He loves.

"I am broken," she said. "My feet... my soul. I have nothing to give you now."
He smiled and held out his hand. His fingers were closed around something in his palm. "But I have something for you," he said.
"My heart?" she asked, managing a smile through her tears.
Slowly, he opened his fingers. A dazzling brightness escaped from between them, and when his hand was open Little One found herself looking into a light brighter and deeper and purer than any that belongs to the stars. In the very center she thought she could see something like a small gem: the diamond that her coal-like heart had become.
"The path and its treacheries have served my purposes well," he told her. "Come, and receive your inheritance."


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