Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's Tuesday!

It has been Tuesday for exactly... one hour and twenty-five minutes.

Insomnia is not precisely the joy and delight of my life. It lends itself to odd reminiscences, sometimes to bouts of extreme penitence, and even, on occasion, to blogging.

I am happy to announce that tonight's insomnia is the odd reminiscence kind, so I shouldn't have anything to undo in the morning (like extremely penitent blog posts... "I raised my eyebrow at the cat this morning! How could I have been so HEARTLESS?").

I think to myself that there must be some simple method of duplicating blog posts that does not involve a great deal of cutting-and-pasting. Perhaps some kind soul will share it with me one day, before one of my three blogs folds under the pressure.


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